KSG Agro are fully prepared for the spring sowing campaign

The farms belonging to KSG Agro agricultural holding are fully prepared for the spring sowing campaign. This was reported by the company's press service.
More than a month before the spring sowing campaign, the farms of KSG Agro are fully provided with the necessary resources and are ready to carry out the campaign. 
According to Dmytro Yemelchenko, Head of KSG Agro's Crop Production Division, all the inventory has been purchased in full, including diesel fuel, mineral fertilizers, plant protection products, etc. 
"We do not see any problems with weather conditions. The precipitation in the meter layer is 200 mm, which is fully in line with the norm," comments Dmitry Yemelchenko. - "Winter crops are in good to very good condition. At the moment, we are finishing the process of fertilizing winter crops - 6.0 thousand hectares of 6.5 thousand hectares have been already fertilized."
Given the challenging situation on the agricultural market and limited exports of crops during the war period, KSG Agro plans to be more careful about fertilizer costs during the fertilization process, optimizing this expenditure item. For example, urea will make up a significant portion of fertilizers, as its nitrogen is cheaper than other types of fertilizers.
The company is financing the spring sowing campaign in 2023 through an open credit line from Tascombank and its own funds.
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