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Purchase prices for pork in live weight have increased by 22% since the beginning of the year and will remain at the level of 75-85 UAH\kg, according to Sergiy Kasianov, KSG Agro

Since the beginning of the year, purchase prices for pork in live weight have increased by 22% and will remain at the level of 75-85 UAH/kg. This is the opinion of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KSGAgro Sergiy Kasianov, quoted by the press service of the agricultural holding.

According to Mr. Kasianov, purchase prices for live pork have increased by 22% since the beginning of the year. If in the first quarter of this year the average price of slaughter pigs was 67.76 UAH/kg, in April it reached 79.95 UAH/kg, and in the last week - 83.06 UAH/kg. The situation was particularly bad in the eastern region of Ukraine, where prices reached 84-85 UAH/kg due to a shortage of cuttings. Thus, since the beginning of the year, the price increase amounted to 22.06%.

"After a price lull in the first quarter, with the beginning of spring we saw the activity of procurers who increased purchases of pork, including in anticipation of increased demand in the pre-Easter period. At the same time, the supply of quality conditioned pork during the war period was and remains restrained. The result was an increase in purchase prices," commented Sergiy Kasianov, "Currently, the supply level is lower than the demand for pork. At the same time, domestic pork producers cannot fully satisfy the demand, as during the pre-Easter activity of procurers, they sold out live pork as much as possible, and some sold pigs even earlier than planned, i.e. with less weight." 

The Ukrainian Pig Association (UPA) also emphasizes the limited supply of live pigs as the main factor in price fluctuations. "The average purchase price of slaughter pigs in January-March 2023 amounted to 67.76 UAH/kg, which is 0.6% lower than in the fourth quarter of 2022. Therefore, although the limited supply of both domestic and imported pork supports prices, their fluctuations still "respond" to traditional seasonal trends. Therefore, the weakening of prices in the first quarter reflected their seasonal weakening after the winter holidays," comments on the dynamics of purchase prices for pork Oleksandra Bondarska, the head of the analytical department of the ASU.

According to Sergiy Kasyanov, in the short term, live pork prices will be in the range of 75-85 UAH/kg.

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